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The Marsh Daisies and the Croads are classed as rare breeds by the RBST and we have selected stock from good reputable sources.  A limited number will be available for sale at intervals.  Check the Stock For Sale page.

Large Black Croad Langshan

Major FT Croad is generally credited with being the first to import Langsham fowl to the UK from China in 1872.  Major Croad's niece set up the Croad Langshan Club in 1904.

Croad Langshans are tall birds, in black and sometimes white.  Their legs should be feathered on the outside and the soles of their feet should be pink.

They are reasonably good layers compared to other traditional breeds, laying good large eggs.  Surplus cockerels are very meaty.

More about this fabulous breed can be found on the Croad Langshan Club website:

croad cock.jpg

Marsh Daisy

The Marsh Daisy was created around 1880 in Southport, Lancashire, and a breed club formed in 1920.

They are a hardy bird, and prefer to free range and are very long lived. They come in many colours, we keep wheatens.  The male has an impressive rose comb and white ear lobes.

Work is currently being done by the Marsh Daisy group together with the RBST and Rare Poultry Society to promote this wonderful breed.

More about this fabulous breed can be found on the Marsh Daisy website:

Speckled Sussex

As the name suggests, these birds originated in Sussex and is a very old and established breed.  They are good layers but a dual purpose breed.


This year's hatchings.  Will soon have Croads and Speckled Sussex for sale.  Please contact us to reserve.

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