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Meat - How it should taste!

We are now able to supply our delicious meat from our homebred stock in freezer boxes.  Please note that we only sell meat from stock we have reared ourselves, so we know how it has been cared for, and we have full traceability.   It is slaughtered and butchered at a local, family run abattoir.  This does mean that we do not always have stock available immediately, so please order well in advance.

Soay lambs.  The high quality meat from the Soay is slightly darker than ‘commercial’ type breeds and much richer in flavour and has been likened more to venison than lamb.  It is very low in cholesterol and as it carries little fat does need to be cooked with a little liquid to stop it drying out.  They are sold as either half or whole lambs, butchered and packed to your requirements.


Our traditional breeds of pig contain a higher fat level than commercial breeds adding to the fantastic moist flavour, and crackling as it should be (n.b – if you choose meat from the Large Black the rind will still be white, as the colour is just a pigmentation in the skin which is rubbed off during processing).  Our Large Black pigs can be supplied as either half or full carcass, butchered and packed to your requirements.  Sausages can be produced from the belly and shoulders.


Please contact us with your requirements.

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